Press Release: Meeting of bodies at the Corinth Canal

Press Release: Meeting of bodies at the Corinth Canal

Press Release: Meeting of bodies at the Corinth Canal


Press release

Isthmia, January 29, 2021



On Friday, January 29, 2021, a meeting was held at the offices of the Corinth Canal under the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy – Mr. Nikos Tagaras, with the participation of the Deputy Regional Governor P.E. Of Corinth Mr. Anastasios Giolis,  the Mayor of Loutraki-Perachora-Agios Theodoros- Mr. George Gionis,  Dr. Efthymi Lekka -Professor of Dynamic Tectonics of Applied Geology & Natural Disaster Management -President of OASP,  the professors of Soil Engineering NTUA Mr. Kavvadas and Marinos,  Mr. Nikos Nikolaos Mr. Pantelis Pantelidis, the General Manager of AEDIK Mr. George Zouglis and executives of the above bodies that make up the technical council.

In the context of protection from COVID-19 and the correct observance of the precautionary measures for the protection of the participants, the meeting took place in three separate rooms with a video conference connection.

The topics discussed concerned the three projects-interventions, as well as the required framework for them:

a) In the study and construction of intervention by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport, which according to the implemented studies was recognized that the cause of the collapse falls of stone fences that served as support and protection of the slope from moisture and erosion. This project concerns a zone of one kilometer and its implementation budget amounts to the amount of nine million euros. On the initiative of the Deputy Ministers Mr. Christos Dimas and Mr. Nikos Tagaras and thanks to the assistance of the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Mr. Akis Skertsos, with the participation of the Secretary General of Infrastructure Mr. G. Karagiannis, the project will be funded by its Public Investment Program Ministry of Development.

In support of the above, by decision of the Peloponnese Regional Governor, Mr. Panagiotis Nika, the Corinth Canal was declared a state of emergency, in order to accelerate the actions in matters of studies and to reduce the time of the tender process.

b) The second issue discussed after the presentation of the NTUA professors Messrs. Kavvada and Marino, was the implementation of an online mechanism for monitoring the slopes and early warning with grades, initially at 300 meters that need attention, with provision for implementation along the entire length of the Canal, to prevent possible falls. The project will be funded by the Ministry of Environment and the Green Fund.

c) The third topic of discussion concerns a project-intervention in the security of the area with the construction of the fencing of the Canal, which is in the phase of the program contract between the Peloponnese Region, the Municipality of Loutraki-Perachora-Agios Theodoros and AEDIK.

d) In the context of the implementation of the New Urban Plan of the Municipality of Loutraki-Perachora of Agios Theodoros, the proposal of AEDIK for the area of ​​Isthmia was discussed, which will utilize the real estate of the company and will highlight the cultural and historical identity of the wider area.

The Undersecretary also wanted to reassure the employees by stating his intention to support them and renewed the agreement for the next monthly meeting of all stakeholders.

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