Which are the methods of the payment of tolls?
The payment of tolls can be made either by cash or credit card to the Customers Service Department in our Company’s facilities in Isthmia (Saronic Gulf side).
• The main method of payment comprises cash payment, which can be made in Euro, US Dollar, GB Pound and Swiss Franc.
• Credit cards accepted: Visa and Mastercard.
• The payment of tolls can also be made by bank transfer to our bank account prior to the vessel’s transit.
For further details regarding bank transfer, please contact our Customer Service Department at:
Tel.: +30 27410 30886 (24 hours)
Fax: +30 27410 30887 (24 hours)
How are the tolls calculated?
Tolls are calculated based on the vessel’s flag, type, port of origin, previous and next port and net tonnage. To get the exact price you will be requested to pay upon arrival to the canal you can use the transit fees calculator.
Is there any obligation of an additional bonus for the pilots?
The pilots are not entitled to any additional fee, bonus, or consideration whatsoever.
When is the towage obligatory?
1) Towing is compulsory:
a) For sailing boats without a propulsive engine or with an engine of inadequate capacity.
b) For ships of 800 Net Registered tonnage and over.
c) For ships of less than 800 Net Registered tonnage, in cases where the Service deems a passage without towing insecure, on the strength of definite evidence.
d) For ships carrying explosives, inflammable and dangerous cargoes in general, as well as for empty Oil tankers.
2) The Canal Service is obliged to furnish a tug to ships of less than 800 Net Registered tonnage, if so requested by the Master.
3) Towing operations are performed by the tugs provided by the Canal for that purpose.
4) While negotiating the Canal, the ships engine must be kept running, granted that the chief function of the tug is to keep the ship on the canal’s axis.
5) The ship must provide the cables and hawsers required for towing with her engines idle.
To calculate the exact price that you must pay, you can use the Tolls Calculator
Can more than one pilot be disposed?
The pilots belong to the personnel of the pilot station of the Canal and are assigned to a ship on each particular occasion by the Canal Service. Only at the Captains’ request more than one pilot may be placed at the disposal of a ship.
When should vessels inform for their arrival?
Vessels should sent 72/24/6/3 hrs notices on their ETAs.
What is the maximum permissible draft?
For further reference please contact our Customer Service Department.

Which is the biggest vessel that can cross the Canal?

For further reference please contact our Customer Service Department.