Technical Services

Description of Shipbuilding Repair Unit

The Shipbuilding and Repair Unit is located in Isthmia, Corinth and has a floating lift (“slipper”), machine shop, electrician, electrician and carpentry.

Description of Bridges

In order to facilitate mainly the local transport needs, two sinking metal bridges have been constructed at sea-level. One on the side of Isthmia (constructed 1987) at the kilometric position (k.p.) 5.800 and one on the side of Poseidonia (constructed in 1985) at the kilometric position (k.p.) 10.700.

The sinking bridges are thirty three (33) meters long and seven (7) meters wide and have two (2) traffic lanes each. These bridges are for the use of private automobiles only (Bridge class 3). The maximun allowed uniform load is 300 kilograms/sq.m. The vertical sinking speed of the bridge is four (4) meters/minute, therefore the sinking or refloating procedure lasts about 3,5 minutes. The fixed policy is to sink the Bridges only when a ship passes through the canal, a procedure which for safety reasons begins 15 minutes before the ship approaches.