• The bearing of the Canal is 131,5 degrees, or 311,5 degrees and it intersects the Isthmus of Corinth, forming a straight line through it. It cuts through the uneven landmass of the Isthmus, which reaches a maximum height of 79 metres above sea level. The total length of Canal amounts to 6.343 metres, 54O metres of which are taken up by the ports of Poseidonia and lsthmia at either mouth of the Canal.
  • The measurement of the Canal is located on the Canal’s axis, from a point fixed at 83 metres from the Poseidonia jetty, ending at a point on the axis fixed at 40 metres off the Isthmia jetty.
  • The maximum width of the Canal that is safe for navigation is 24.60 metres at Sea level and at mean low water level, and 21.00 metres on the bottom. The depth of the Canal on the axis is 8.00 metres from mean Low water level.
  • The maximum air-draft of the Canal is limited to 52m because of the rail and road bridges.