The Company

1893-1993 100 years

100 years were supplemented when an insignificant economically nation, coming out from a slavery that lasted for centuries, delivered a colossal project to the humanity. A project that in size and technology was and remains unique to the entire world.

The 100 years of operation of the canal allows, without contestation, the claim that it continues to play up to today the same important – determinative- role in the marine transports, in this corner of the Mediterranean, like when it was first given for usage to the shipping (25-7-1893), but also draws a safe conclusion, that its usage will be necessary for several centuries.

Situated by nature in a region of particular natural beauties, the canal “shows” the way that must be followed in the beginning of its second century of operation:
“Basic infrastructure works for the improvement of the provided services to the users, but also projects that will allow the intervention of the canal to the tourist and commercial development in the regions of Isthmia, Corinth and Loutraki”.

The Board of Directors of the Company recognizes the social and cultural obligations both to display and highlight the size and the extent of this monumental effort, and also to methodize, plan and execute all the essential modernization work to ensure the most possible benefit for the Company, as well as the wider region of the Eastern Corinthian and the National Economy generally.

With these prospects and favorable omens, the “young” 100 year Corinthian Canal enters the second century of operation.


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